Our review of the “GlenHatton”


Our good friend Joshua Hatton, President and Founder of JewMalt Whisky Reviews and the Jewish Whisky Company, which bottles under the independent label, Single Cask Nation, recently asked seven important whisky folks and the Malt Impostors to review his dregs dram, which he gave the moniker, “The GlenHatton”.  You can find our review–in our inimitable style, of course–along with the other seven reviews, plus the ultimate review from the eponymous creator of the dram, Joshua himself, below:

Part 1              Part 2            Part 3 

Just thought you’d like to know–and that you might enjoy the review, even if you’ll never taste the blend (our review is in Part 2).

And our thanks to Joshua for the opportunity to review it!  



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