The Angel’s Envy Bourbon

50 ml holy water travel vial

Angels-Envy-Bourbon-our-sampleTasting notes: 
This is one dark and ruby red whiskey!  And the legs grip the walls of the glass like Karo corn syrup poured all over the shelves of a walk-in refrigerator by a disgruntled sous chef.  The nose is fiery and has the kind of restrained aggression that wise men would avoid were it to be found in a rugby opponent.  In the mouth,  this whiskey is all business.  And by business, I mean something like a bail bond shop or a cinder block store.  But this store is inside a boulangerie that also holds a tea shop, a bric-à-brac boutique, and an erstwhile art space for talentless divorcées.  You see, it’s tough and manly; if pickup trucks drank whiskey, you’d find a band of black Ford F-150s hunched around the bar holding glasses of Angel’s Envy, somehow, in their 285/70/17 Firestone tires.  But listen to the conversation! 

Angels-Envy-miniThey’re talking about their feelings!  I think it’s the port finish that softens the growl of this whiskey into a pleasurable, long-finishing purr.

–On the scale of enormous and aggressive things that turn out to have a soft side–
The Angel’s Envy Bourbon is Andre the Giant–I’m sure you remember him from The Princess Bride.  But did you also know he was a pitchman for Honey Nut Cheerios?



–Our thanks to Wesley Henderson and the folks at Angel’s Envy for the sample!

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  1. The taste of this drink is marvelous. I have tried this and this drink didn’t disappoint me. There are so many drinks in this price range but I especially like this one. Thanks for sharing this nice article.

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