The Cameronbridge 37 Year Old 1982 TWB Originals (51.0%)

50 ml very special spice bottle

Tasting notes:
The nose here is big, with perfumey fruit—or maybe it’s fruity with big perfume or perfumey with big fruit, hard to say. There are also notes of gardenias, guava or papaya (but not pineapple, as that’s too high register for this dram), caramel, coconut, and one big cherry hiding in the bottom of the cask. Bet they didn’t even find it when they disgorged the liquid here. Hey TWB guys: any chance I could buy that used cask from you?

The liquid is waxy and warm (but not hot) on the tongue, offering a note of Mackintosh’s Soft Caramels for those who grew up near the Canadian border—or in Canada, for that matter. The mouth is full and rich, redolent with apple pie baking spices—and the love that accompanies their use in home baking.

The pre-finish, really the immediate aftertaste of the mouth, presents as chalky toffee. But then the finish itself comes on like a low-grade rumble, and it lasts for a long time, bringing more warmth and spice. And exactly what that spice is turns out to be hard to say, but if pressed, I’d say it’s closest to contentment. This whisky and its aftermath would contribute admirably to anything put into the glass after it.


On the scale of ridiculous values–

The Cameronbridge 37 Year Old 1982 from TWB Originals—at only £116.67—is buying toilet paper in bulk at Costco—First of all, please stop stocking up on toilet paper, people! But second of all, there are few better values, especially in the whisky world these days.






–Our thanks to The Whisky Barrel for the sample!


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