The Waterford Organic Gaia 1.1 Irish Single Malt Whiskey

750 ml berry basket in a bottle

Tasting notes:
The nose of the Waterford Organic Gaia, release 1.1, opens like a full-tang jackknife, by which I mean, it’s like a knife whose blade is made of Tang™. At first, it’s acidic and sharp—and Tang-y—but with a bit of time in the glass, it opens to a grassy meadow, whose individual blades have been painted with butterscotch by a Christo-wannabe artist. (So derivative!) A faint note of wet paint wafted by, tokening the relative youth of the Organic Gaia, 1.1. There’s also a flitting herb-y note, like a big-winged luna moth that’s been spending quality time with rosemary bushes and salvia officinalis, the sage subshrub.

The mouth hews to the nose; very attractive in a whisky (less attractive in John). We got a crazy-quilt acidic crème brûlée, redolent with more butterscotch and gobs of passionfruit. There is a thread of youngness woven into the crazy-quilt crème brûlée; it’s a green thread, feeling appropriate for an organic Irish whisky! More berries clustering on the roof of the mouth: blueberries, conkerberries, huckleberries, and mungoberries.
[Stephen: Bill! You’ve never had a conkerberry and there is no such thing as a mungoberry!]
That’s true…but there are Mungo Jerry’s! Take that! And John, ever the pseudo-contrarian, said he got “chuckberries” on the mouth going into the finish, wailing away on electric guitar.

The finish is univocal, meaning, I suppose, that the nose, the mouth, and the finish form a choir of Gregorian monks, intoning a sacred chant, all on the same note, but with different timbres at different octaves. All of us picked up a creamy, lightly white-ly peppery milky scrim curtain enrobing the finish. 


On the scale of wonderfully terrible puns about movies–

The Waterford Organic Gaia, release 1.1, is Like Waterford Chocolate, based on the Laura Esquivel novel Like Water for Chocolate. It’s a great pun (thanks, Kirk Anderson!) for a solid chocolate. It’s well-tempered, it’s creamy, it’s got layers to it, some nougat, perhaps, and a lot of room to grow up.






–Our thanks to Raj Sabharwal and Glass Revolution Imports for the sample!


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