The Akashi Meïsei Blended Japanese Whisky

500 ml tea service set

The Akashi Meïsei is an 80 proof special edition blended whisky sold only in France. It’s vatted with 45% single malt, and it’s aged in American oak barrels. (“Meïsei” means “celebrity” in Japanese.)

It’s produced by the White Oak distillery, which is located in Hyōgo Prefecture in Japan.  It was founded in 1984, it uses two pot stills, and it’s owned by the Egaijima Sake Brewery Company, Ltd.

Tasting notes:

Nose: Sherried, smoked cold cuts, pine, and soft floral bouquets. 77/100.
Mouth: Stewed fruits and chewy wood. Pears. Salt, and more floral notes. 89/100
Finish: Maple, spices, biscuits. White bread, but satisfying. 83/100

Rating: 83/100



April Fools! The rating is really 82/100.






9 Comments on The Akashi Meïsei Blended Japanese Whisky

  1. Bill really knocked this one out of the park!

  2. I don’t know how he does it.

  3. Maybe some day, perhaps one of us might be able to dream up an incredible rating system that so perfectly captures all the nuances of a glass of whisky?

    • I think we’ll just have to keep on doing what we do, and only feel glad in our hearts that Bill has Climbed the Mountain, Ascending to Heights Unknown by the Rest of Whisky Reviewers.

  4. It mixed well with Moxie — really brought out the gentian root tang.

    And after draining 3/4 of the bottle the hangover the next morning was light and quickly dispersed, like the last cherry blossoms in a strong April wind.

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