The Simply Whisky “Let’s Dance” (8 Year Old Clynelish distilled in 2011)

30 ml I'll run with you mini

Tasting notes:
Hello, Bananas! Wow–a saucier writer would say, “Is that a fruit in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” [Bill: Are there sauciers that are also writers?] But I’m going to say that this is like taking the bananas from Runts® candies and making them into banana bread for a child who was already slightly hyped up on Pop Rocks®. The nose goes from there to a whole bread pudding topped with Bananas Foster–and some caramel just to make sure it does you in.

The mouth makes me want to say “Waxy is as waxy does,” but I demur rather than have John and Bill boo me. It’s super bright, spicy, and hot–so it’s a triple threat. But to be more specific, it’s bright like Pink Floyd’s crazy diamond, sweeter than The Sweet’s Lollipop Man, and syrupier than Young the Giant’s Cough Syrup. Whoa-o. If this were a dessert–which it could be–the nutmeg and Demerara sugar would be the first thing that hits you, then the cinnamon extract, then the honey on the back end of the mouth. 

But I should note: the spicy wood/oaky notes are there, too, but they’re nearly fully integrated with the fruit, which is impressive for a whisky of this age.
I go into the finish just thinking “This is some cracking stuff!” Not at all unlike Mike Teavee when he gets a hold of the Exploding Candy (for your enemies) and is thrilled by the ride. My mouth is still excited, though the whisky is gone. All I can say is “Don’t spill your drink while you’re dancing!” Oh, and glorp this at your own risk.


On the scale of songs that have legs–

The Simply Whisky “Let’s Dance” 8 Year Old Clynelish is, unsurprisingly, David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”– A little too easy? A little too on the nose? Well, after pulling the Lollipop Man out of a dark crevice, both author and reader deserve a really good, easy one.






–Our thanks to Simply Whisky for the sample!


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