The Bib & Tucker 6 Year Old Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey (Batch 22)

750 ml good bottle for a good place

Tasting notes:
This noses up nicely with corn, honey, magnolia blossoms, and perfume.  A touch of wood and…is it a whiff of cultured butter sitting out in the sun, in all of its creamy quintessence?  I think it is.  Then we get a clove-studded lemon on the end of a dollhouse broom handle.  I mean, the label doesn’t say it’s in there, but we know.  We know. 

The mouth is thin but spicy.  In this way it’s a real Eleanor Shellstrop, Kristen Bell’s character in The Good Place.  She’s bringing 17 items to the 10-items-or-fewer register without a second thought.  Lightness abounds, like charred asparagus meringue.  But as with Eleanor, there is plenty of verve and pluck.  The spirit befits a bottle that would not be out of place in an episode of Deadwood, amid company that doesn’t think it’s funny to deal from the bottom of the deck.  

The finish is long and pleasant.  I’m sitting inside a dollhouse in the comfy chair, my feet resting on the mousehide rug, streaming The Rescuers.  The flicker of the matchstick fireplace warms me as I smile down at my thimble-sized tumbler. It is the right drink for the day like this one, and I think I’ll pour another. 


On the scale of realizations Eleanor Shellstrop makes–

The Bib and Tucker 6 Year Old Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey is “Working out the terms of moral justification is an unending task.”  Now if you want to know what this means, you have to read Scanlon’s What We Owe To Each Other or watch The Good Place.  But suffice it to say here that it’s a thread that holds things together, forging unlikely friendships, and bringing out the best in others. 






–Our thanks to Bib & Tucker (and Chandni Patel of R\West) for the sample!


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