The GlenAllachie 18 Year Old

30 ml metamini

Tasting notes:
Ah, this noses up with a propitious mustiness. My heart races, and my mind briefly reels. I am certain that I feel its ennobling effects just as palpably as if the tip of George VI’s sword was touched to one shoulder and then the next. I enjoy the lovely complexity.  Imagine a gastronomic chef whose signature dish is a deconstructed mincemeat pie.  They use the freshest ingredients, doused in the sweetest sherry.  Dragon fruit, black plums, white peaches—a veritable investiture of fruits.  

The mouth brings forward the resonant hum of a gong bath inside a narrow canyon.  Long bass notes send their lazy sine waves off in every direction.  I tell the others, this is a Charlie Mingus dram.  They look at me without understanding.  “Aaaahhh, ummmmm,” I say, and their smiles betray their understanding and their assent.  

What the finish lacks in complexity, it makes up for in endurance. It’s like the Roxy Music song, More than This, with its impressive outro. I could stare at it like Bryan Ferry stares at his band.  We get cascading waves as if we were hearing the gong bath from a nearby canyon.  We surrender like lemmings who have fallen from cliff sides but now bob and twist in a synchronized swimming scene remake from an obscure 50s movie.  Yes, the gentle susurrating bumps, a portamento within the music of the spheres.


On the scale of karaoke performances of “More Than This”–

The GlenAllachie 18 is Bill Murray’s in Lost in Translation–“Like a dream in the night / Who can say where we’re going.”  I know what you mean, Bill.  I know what you mean.






–Our thanks to ImpEx Beverages for the sample!


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