The Bunnahabhain 10 Year Old TWB Originals 1st Fill Oloroso (57.1%)

50 ml man walks into a bar sampler

A man walks into a bar…
He’s handed a whisky
dark and rich in color
with a dusty mustiness on the nose
that soon gives way to deep, rich red stone fruit

“If a cantaloupe were a cherry, and the meat of the fruit were aged to perfection like a 3 year-old Gouda…”

“Shut up, Jerry, and drink your drink.”

“Damn, this would be a good whisky with a Cuban cigar…”


A man walks out of a bar.

But the whisky still coats his mouth, full and rich, 
almost waxy rather than oily
with a sweet, high, nectarific note
that transforms quickly into a plummy red wine one
–in the most sophisticated way possible.

A man walks into another bar…
the finish from his whisky, spicy, but breathy, like a menthol
which leaves just the nicest nondescript spice burn
(not bright enough to be a tingle).
He thinks of ordering another whisky
then thinks better of it.


On the scale of jokes centering on bars–

The Bunnahabhain 10 Year Old TWB Originals 1st Fill Oloroso (57.1%) is this classic from The New YorkerSaucy, tough, and brilliantly to the point, this one really delivers.






–Our thanks to The Whisky Barrel for the sample!


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