The Fettercairn 12 Year Old

Tasting notes:
On the nose I got beef tallow birthday candles on a Boston Crème cake.  Now, I’m not saying that it’s a pronounced note or anything.  But it’s there.  So too is a bit of furniture polish—imagine a freshly polished wardrobe, but it’s in the next room and you’re trying to smell past the bowl of lemons just a few feet away.  But amid all of this savoriness is red fruit candy dusted in powdered sugar from tiny Demerara elves.  

Wow, this mouth is kind of a like a kirsch-soaked weighted blanket.  It lays on the tongue with purpose.  Perhaps, I think to myself, I can dry it out through the power of meditation like monks who can raise the temperature of their finger.  But before I can do this, I find that wisps of vanilla have slid into the finish like a new follower into our Twitter DMs.  

Spice is the story of the finish.  It’s subdued, perhaps as if it had taken two years for the wise men to bring goods to the newborn king instead of two weeks.  There was a disagreement over the star chart, and so they unwisely formed a subcommittee to achieve consensus.  But the softness is like that of your favorite leather recliner into which you sink with a contented sigh.


On the scale of interesting facts about your favorite leather recliner–

The Fettercairn 12 is the fact that the earliest recliner was created around 1850 and enjoyed by Napoleon III-I think the Fettercairn 12 is similarly apt to produce contentment, in both king or subject.  






–Our thanks to Fettercairn for the sample!


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