The Winchester Rye

50 ml no redemption value plastic mini

Tasting notes:
The Winchester Rye opens, reluctantly. Is it worth the wait? You be the judge: My first impression is that now I know what rye would smell like if it were a nasal inhalant for sinus infections. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking this is a sports drink that’s bottle sick from too much uncapped exposure to sunlight and locker rooms. You might also imagine that it’s raw water that had an unfortunate minnow infestation. The nose is painfully green–but not an earth-friendly eco-green; rather a Kermitean “it ain’t easy drinking green” kind of green. It’s like it’s been decanted into a cinder block, and while some of the foulness has blown off, there is a solid base with which to build a latrine.

The mouth is aggressively not terrible, but nor does it taste much like a rye. The mash bill is more of a Monster Mashbill: It was a graveyard smash! One of us got a rye plant’s burp after eating Pachamanca fritters from an Andrean food truck. It was so fast, mercifully, in the mouth, that another of us got a tiger team meeting that canceled after 12 minutes, because neither the HVAC nor the AV were working. Another of us (note that we’re now all anonymous in Witness Protection Program) exclaimed that he wouldn’t pour it into an enemy’s ficus plant!

The finish is like Schubert’s Unvollendete Symphonie, meaning his Unfinished Symphony. If the mouth was the Quick and the Dead, the finish is Speedy Gonzales, the very antithesis of a finish. If it were deep, it’d be a Zen koan. But it’s not, and it’s not.


On the scale of things that should be recycled immediately–

The Winchester Rye by TerrePURE is a puerile meme that not even a 5th grade boy would laugh at.






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