Pearse Distiller’s Choice 7 Year Old Blended Irish Whiskey

100 ml sidecar sample bottle

Tasting notes:
Some would say that the triple distillation of Irish whiskey removes complexity.  [Stephen: “What!?  Who says this?”  Bill: “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”]  They are wrong.  The nose presents us with the most remarkable picnic: hints of sausage, car bumper rust, and fermenting kiwi peel left inside a child’s backpack in the spring but not noticed until the fall.  We also found celery salt, the beaded part of a flapper’s skirt, and several boudoir sachets left in a trousseau.  You don’t even have to be fond of celery salt erotica to be intrigued by this nose!  [Bill: “¯\_(ツ)_/¯”] 

The mouth snaps the variegated nose into focus with round and balanced notes.  We get braided corn silk made into a Shriners hat for a baby doll.  She rides in the side car of a Zündapp KS 750 with a look of perpetual surprise on her face.  We were surprised by a fleeting note of rosemary-infused cream.  We all thought that if it were bottled at 50% ABV, it would make a fantastic roast turkey injection marinade.  All I know is that I wouldn’t object to some subcutaneous shenanigans with a bottle of this at my side.   

The finish purrs along like the Zündapp engine accelerating through mountain switchbacks on a sunny day.  I’m chewing on willow bark while braiding wicker chair bottoms.  This is not to say that the finish is too woody.  We get tannins, but not acids, and there’s no tartness puckering my smile.  Instead I taste the pure pleasure of a long ride on a reliable steed. 


On the scale of facts about Zündapp KS 750–

The Pearse Lyons Distiller’s Choice is the fact that the Zündapp design was so successful that during wartime that BMW was asked to produce them as well–They refused initially, but the outcome was 70% of the parts were interchangeable between the two bikes.  It’s clear that the team at Pearse knows how to blend surpassing single malt with grain whiskey to get a fine result, too — albeit one that’s far from interchangeable with others of its kind.






–Our thanks to Pearse Lyons and Engelstad Spirits for the sample!


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