The Glenlivet 11 Year Old 2007 by Signatory for The Whisky Barrel

50 ml the incredible mini

Tasting notes:
This beauty noses up with vibrancy: peppermint and anise and a chewing gum made for gray squirrels.  More inspection reveals even more mint.  We wanted to say “nitrogen-cooled basil leaves,” but we may have been influenced by memories of that gastronomic food truck festival in Gdansk.  Then we get butter turning clear on a carbon steel paella pan, bananas hidden inside of corn husks (“Surprise!”), and tarragon stems muddled in sherry.

The mouth is, at first impression, something which requires only the top keys of the keyboard.  Holy @%#&!  This may be the hottest whisky we’ve ever encountered!  This is quintessence of cinnamon red hots.  It’s the Iron Throne after Drogon whispered at it.  Of course the ABV is 66.6%.  We think this could have an off-label use to cure strep and non-surgically remove tonsils.  But after we get our bearings, we find a delightful picnic of flavors.  Lemon custard and sugar cookies.  There are berry tarts, too, as we pull back the linen napkins in the picnic basket.  But what we don’t get are the low, funky thumps of many of the sherry bombs.  This one is just too nimble.  

The finish takes the swells formed on the mouth and turns them into breaking waves of bright savoriness and sweet sweetness.  [Stephen: Sweet sweetness?]  Imagine a top-rack boysenberry tart bubbling over onto the lamb shanks roasting on the lower rack.  I’m going to call this mashup S’moroccan Lamb!  Even with several drops of water it still fires like a cauldron—a witch’s brew for sure.  I think that the same gamma rays that were aimed at Bruce Banner were absorbed by a bottle of Glenlivet single malt hidden in the lab.  How else to explain the power and tenacity of this redoubtable dram?  But don’t forget that it also retains all the warmth, intelligence, and poise of the scientist behind the Big Guy.


On the scale of aliases for Robert Bruce Banner–

The Glenlivet 11 Year Old 2007 by Signatory for The Whisky Barrel is Force of Nature on Legs–It is kinda crazy that he worked at a bottling factory in Guyana.  Methinks he must have interned in Ballindalloch first.






–Our thanks to The Whisky Barrel for the sample!


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