The Balblair 2005-2017

700 ml Last-of-the-Vintages bottle

Tasting notes:
Ah, Balblair!  We are huge fans.  I think that if it we boiled down the essence of Balblair into a dictionary definition, it would pick out a thrilling and distinctive experience.  On the nose we get sweet papaya and pixie-stick dusted tuna steaks wrapped in water lilies.  Sunny Delight®, Bay Rum, and a glistening peccary snout in the mangrove forest round things out, as they often do.

The mouth is nectar-like; think orchid ceviche served in a coconut husk.  It’s got that high, bright, light, brilliant Balblarian perfuminess that I love.  But it’s also has heft.  Think of a 175 gram frisbee used in an ultimate game despite the thunder and encroaching darkness.  There are bits of cinnamon, I think, and some cracked black pepper.  I feel the overwhelming urge to play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on a ukulele outfitted with carefully-tuned bikini strings.  

The finish is the firm hand of an usher who has just worked in a dollop of shea butter lotion over his dry knuckles. Yes, there’s the long luscious syrupy oatmeal cookie, with candied blueberries in place of raisins.  And some burnt dolmas arrayed on the softy, punky part of a log.  


On the scale of amazing ukulele performances of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”–

The Balblair 05 is the mashup with What a Wonderful World by Israel Kamakawiwoʻole–Legend has it that the song was recorded in a single take at 3 am.  I guess that shows you that genius can strike quickly.  Lucky for us, it can also be poured into a glass.






–Our thanks to Balblair for the sample!


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