The Compass Box Flaming Heart 2018 Limited Edition

50 ml sweet chariot cupholder mini

Tasting notes:
The Compass Box Flaming Heart 2018 Edition noses like banana roadkill—and not the bounce-off-the-bumper-to-the-side-of-the-road style of roadkill, either. No, this is rather the run-over-multiple-times-and-driven-into-the-asphalt kind, only in this case, the car tires had recently driven through singed moss on tidal rocks—where someone had previously wolfed down a lemon-vanilla tart while stoned. In other words, it’s an exquisite mélange of flavors, some of which wouldn’t normally go together so well.

The mouth offers sweetness sandwiched between layers of coal-infused loam and finely finished wood. After a moment or two, though, it blossoms into a gorgeous, graceful beast: it’s a stallion with a coat so black, the light reflects blue off of it. Yes, it’s the Superman’s hair of thoroughbreds.

The finish sings a low, smooth, beautifully melancholy song of peat and the loss of said song that you’ll face if you don’t drink more. There’s wax there, too, of course (it is a Compass Box expression, after all). The singing eventually fades into a low hum that lasts for a long, long time. And despite the abv, the heat of it dissipates much more quickly than does the lovely feeling. Have another taste, it whispers to me in a voice not unlike Michael Clarke Duncan’sGo ahead, have another.


On the scale of low, smooth, beautifully melancholy songs–

The Compass Box Flaming Heart 2018 Edition is Paul Robeson’s rendition of “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”— Classic, stirring, and spiritual, this whisky will stay with you for quite a while after you’ve experienced it.






–Our thanks to Compass Box for the sample!


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