The Whisky Exchange’s 2018 London Whisky Show

Stephen's review

What more can I say about the London Whisky Show that I didn’t say in reviewing the 2017 show? Not much, really: it’s still the best big whisky show I’ve ever attended, and the Old Billingsgate is still an outstanding venue for it. However, this year they did add a rum wing to the Show, and put on a fantastic “Lab” exhibition (more on that below).

So rather than rehash a lot of the details, this time around I’m going to let my pictures represent the show to you. The set of photos that follows is incomplete, of course, as no such set could do the Show, or a particular person’s experience of it, justice. But if this experiment in event reviewing leaves you with questions or complaints, don’t hesitate to let me know. You can find my email address under the “Contact” tab above.

But I will add that my new friend Alex, The Whisky Loving Pianist, summed up the event with this very memorable line:

“It’s like Christmas, but where you see friends you like better than your family, and they give you the presents you really want.”

The Genes vs. Environment Twin 1961 Longmorns from Gordon & MacPhail’s Private Collection were among the more amazing treats on offer at the TWE London Whisky Show.
The new age statement range from Glenrothes
The inimitable Ronnie Cox guiding us through a taste of the new 25 year old Glenrothes

Two stellar drams from Balvenie on offer from Global Brand Ambassador Gemma Paterson. The Tun 1858 was the counterpart to the Tun 1401 and now is the counterpart to the Tun 1509 and is sold exclusively in Taiwan. The 25 Year Old DoubleWood was released in honor of 25 years of the release of the (then very innovative) 12 Year Old DoubleWood.

Israel’s M&H (Milk & Honey) Distillery was an outstanding newcomer to the Show. And it was great to see Bain’s distiller Andy Watts there, too.

For an American, it’s pretty special to be able to taste the whole Antique Collection’s Lab exhibition was a great new addition to the show

From the Lab:

The Glen Moray Cider Cask Finish was an eye-opener, as were the world ryes on offer (above). The Singleton packets (also above) were just plain fun.

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  1. Ha, I got quoted! Merry Christmas y’all.

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