The Tomatin 18 Year Old (Oloroso Sherry Finish)

50 ml super classy airline mini

Tasting notes:
The Tomatin 18 Year Old (Oloroso Sherry finish) presents, on a bronze tray, unpopped buttered popcorn kernels surrounding, like marching ants having a May Day parade, a sticky toffee cake baked by a rotund, rubicund ex-pat Scotsman wearing surgical gloves. Angus, also known as the “Dancing Baker,” stewed maraschino cherries in a molé sauce—Olé!—and poached Bosc pears and Bosch spark plugs to form a truly unique fruit compote.

The mouth is an obituary page dipped in solvent…John, how did that get into the notes?!?…I’m going to ignore John, and invite you to do the same. There’s licorice, and a backbone of windmill vanes drying in the autumn sun after a light spring rain. (Yes, I know the seasons don’t align, but I calls ‘em as I sees ‘em.) It’s thick and spreading without being cloying, as cozy as a handmade quilt laden with sweet heirloom tomatoes reduced in peach nectar, black pepper, Herbs de Murmansk…John, seriously, have you been drinking? I mean, beyond the Tomatin? Anyways, the flavors concentrate at the front roof of the mouth, establishing a beachhead in the soft palate, and invading the finish in balsa kayaks. I also got 70% dark chocolate Easter Island Santas.

[Stephen: Bill! What have you been drinking?!?]

Rapa Whooie!

The finish is long, hard, and spicy, like an anise and cinnamon salami (also made by the versatile Angus). He added a mélange of spices he scraped from the bamboo and teak floor of a Burmese spice shop after about two shelves worth of exotic curries and the like were knocked over by a particularly inept apprentice. We also got melted Jujubes®, bubbling in peppermint oil in a crêpe pan. Mon Dieu, mon ami!
On the scale of pasta dishes I’m imagining I might have for dinner–
The Tomatin 18 Year Old Oloroso Sherry Finish is gnocchi with Sage Butter Sauce–Why? you ask. Why not? I answer. It’ll be delicious and the many wonderful flavors of the Tomatin will complement it perfectly.
–Our thanks to Tomatin for the sample!

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