The PM Spirits Navazos-Palazzi Malt Whisky

60 ml mini sherry bomb

Tasting notes:
The PM Spirits Navazos-Palazzi Malt Whisky noses like Sherry Incarnate, a veritable sherry genie rubbed out of Aladdin’s Lamp raising a sherry demon from the Cask of Palo Cortado. It asserts the coming of the Sherry Apocalypse like Robin Hood and His Sherry Men. There’s also antique Persian carpet, mangoes burnt on the grill, and a masseuse wearing velvet gloves at what is sure to become your favorite day spa. And also, I think if I concentrate, I detect some sherry, too.

The mouth is so smooth that it’s somewhat shocking when the bright tannins prickle my tongue like a Cereus repandus cactus’s spines and needly wool. Or woolly needles. Stewed apricots and plums, beef burgundy—excuse me, Stephen—bœuf bourguignon simmered over fires lit on (extremely) dried fruit leather kindling, and the kind of sweet resolve that leads to overcoming one’s insecurities and asking out the ferret of your dreams. Oh, excuse me! I meant “asking out the Mustela putorius furo of your dreams.”

The finish continues the Macy’s Thanksgiving Fruit Parade down the gullet. Strawberries and balsamic vinegar, black cherries, blood oranges, star fruit parboiled in kiwi juice and a drib of Valrhona cocoa powder, and the gong-like reverbations of Queen Prune, steamrolling all vegetables into a particularly rich miso soup that lacks tofu but makes up for that with, uh, sherry broth.
On the scale of three things becoming one—and this is a Grating, have no fear—
The PM Spirits Navazos-Palazzi Malt Whisky is minimalist caramel sauce–Fill a pan with sugar, apply heat, add cream and you’ll have a delicious rich sauce. Conversely, take new make malt spirit, apply a Palo Cortado barrel, and add time: You’ll have sherry bomb that resurrects civilizations.
–Our thanks to PM Spirits for the sample!

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