The George Dickel Cascade Hollow Tennessee Sour Mash Whisky

50 ml hollow of your back hiding mini

Tasting notes:
On the nose my first thought is, “Nope, there’s no pumpernickel here.”  Instead, there’s a honey-lacquered corncob pipe filled with oak chips; pinecones made into nutcracker soldiers for making pesto; and wheat stored in a barn fourteen days after being cut down.

This has a really yummy mouth.  It’s got that light, extra-drinkability thing.  It’s a caraway seed spread made by hipsters to be put on fusilli and cassowary wings.  Be warned, with those caraway seeds you’ll fail every drug test after you eat it.  There is a muted spice: think herb- and candy-crusted pepper corns broiled in a brick hearth, as well as horse sweat toweled off a bridle.

The finish is pussy willow fireworks shot over a farm pond.  Then Christmas crackers handed out at a funeral reception.  As I take it in for additional study, I see anemone arms swinging wildly in a Polish tide pool, like an army of aquatic wind socks.
On the scale of interesting facts about British Christmas crackers
The George Dickel Cascade Hollow Tennessee Sour Mash Whisky is the fact that they were originally called “cosaques” in reference to Cassock soldiers who fired their guns in the air on horseback–This delightful whisky produces similar exuberance.  



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