The Auchroisk 25 Year 2016 Limited Edition

50 ml Muse inducer mini

Tasting notes:
Richness rolls off of the nose of this dram like a Turkish towel at the first spa ever to receive six stars (the result of a relentlessly unsophisticated lobbying effort by the surviving members of Spinal Tap). To say the nose is pretty is akin to noting that Miley Cyrus seems a bit slutty or that Courtney Love comes off as somewhat disheveled. It presents with a miniature horn of plenty: Mayan papaya, flax, umami pie wrapped in golden gardenia petals and spiked with marzipan cloves, a few utterly anomalous fennel woodscrews, and a layer of anise molasses holding it all in place.

The mouth, by contrast, eludes one’s palate nearly entirely. It’s so muted and it so underplays the wood (did someone say “refill cask”?), we would have had a hard time getting within a decade or two of its age had they not identified it on the label.

But then comes the spectacular finish! John got spinach on the finish, and it was hard to tell if he was pining for his days as a vegetarian or if he was just trying in vain to concoct a decent rhyme. The finish induces a high-speed seismic effect, oscillating at such a rate that it briefly anesthetizes the front two-thirds of the mouth. The vibrations are so intense, its chakra levels can be read by a yogi living atop the next mountain. This is celestial or even extra-terrestrial stuff that engenders expletives of astonishment.

On the scale of celestial-themed expletives of astonishment–
The Auchroisk 25 Year 2016 Limited Edition is a supernova of goddamn–These are the words to describe it. Our Muse declares it so, and we listen when she speaks.

–Our thanks to Diageo for the sample!

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