The Classic Cask 23 Year-Old Sherry Finish Blended Scotch Whisky

30 ml orange-you-glad-you-tried-this-one mini

Tasting notes:
On the nose, the Sherry funk asserts itself right away, like it’s leftover funk from the set of “Rock Me Amadeus!” There also seem to be hints of beeswax formed by pollinating orange trees, and recently exposed joinery slots from a piece of furniture in a back room of Buckingham Palace. Finally, there’s the distinct note of a strop for sharpening razors in a barber shop in Turkmenistan (hey, they can’t all be palaces–some smells are great, but are really more like regular things).

The mouth is rangy, with fruits and fall savory notes appearing at the same time. It’s also nicely tannic at the back end of the mouth, like a fine black Chinese tea (in my cup in my kitchen, because again, regular things can smell pretty special, too). But the orangey fruit dominates here–almost like no other sherry finish I’ve tasted. It could just as easily be a brawny Madeira used to finish this one. Actually, Brawny Madeira would make a great female wrestler name.

The finish presents with tingly bright goodness that goes on so longly and so serenely, you wonder what it’s contemplating as it does so. Spice and loveliness abound in the finish, as does the inevitable feeling of wellbeing this dram induces. Give it another few seconds, and the finish turns downright effervescent finish. It might be the best finish on a Classic Cask blend we’ve tried. Try it for the funky orangeyness, buy it for the finish.
On the scale of orangey goodness–
The Classic Cask 23 Year-Old Sherry Finish Blended Scotch Whisky is fresh-squeezed orange juice (actually fresh-squeezed, like in a machine right in front of you or at least nearby)–Every time I have it, I’m surprised at how much better it is than I had remembered. Makes me wonder if some of those other blends out there were previously frozen.
–Our thanks to Lauren Shayne Mayer and Spirit Imports for the sample!

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