The Single Cask Nation Glenrothes 8 Year 2008 (Refill Sherry Hoggie)

30 ml pupa magnificus mini

Tasting notes:
Frankly, we expected more funk. After all, funk (of a beef stew type, to be specific) seems to be an essential feature of Glenrothes expressions–at least in our experience. Instead, we found pronounced Sherry and apricots–or Sherry pronouncing the word “apricots” carefully into a mirror. There were also notes of cereally grains and oak, not unlike being in an oak hyperbaric chamber with Oaky McOakerson, but also considerably more pleasant. Then the honey hits you. But this is no run-of-the-mill honey. This is Honey Ryder stalking up the beach toward you. And yes, in this metaphor, you’re James Bond. Looking a bit harder for the funk, we found instead some fresh loam just beneath the surface, but that seems to be all the funk you’ll get out of this one. A basically funkless Glenrothes: who knew it was possible? It’s another feather in the hat of the Single Cask Nation cask selection crew, who are masters of finding singular spirits to bottle.

The mouth is one of the hottest 56% abv whiskies we’ve ever had. But the heat soon fades into a warming glow. It made John wonder what the Gaelic term is for “bonhomie.” It made me wonder if this whisky might hold the key to green power, it produces such a clean heat. It made Bill think, I wonder if I brought a chocolate bar with me? No wait, chocolate make him think that. Overall, though, we all agreed that it’s one of the better Glenrothes expressions we’ve ever tasted.

The finish presents with faint savory spices, especially oregano and anise. But the really distinctive aspect of the finish is how beautifully long and warm it is. It basically turned our esophagi into glow worms that would have lepidopterists standing guard for their later exit from the pupa stage. We’re happy to spend a lot of time with them as larvae–in fact, for our money, the best larval stage you’re every going to find.
On the scale of unique butterflies–
The Single Cask Nation Glenrothes 8 Year 2008 (Refill Sherry Hogshead) is the Great Mormon Butterfly–They’re large and beautiful, and the females are polymorphic. Because of course they are.
–Our thanks to Joshua Hatton and Single Cask Nation for the sample!

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