The Blackadder Red Snake Raw Cask (60.2% abv)

60 ml mini with much sediment

Tasting notes
Imagine a fine, dry earth that’s neither imbued with clay nor a rich, loamy type. Now imagine it has percolite in it, along with fruits plucked from the Island of Dr. Moreau. Now imagine you’re a gardener. I say that because if you were a gardener, the level of enthusiasm the smell of such earth would provoke in you tracks the earthy, sherry enthusiasm that emanates from this dram. But beyond that, once the funk blows off, it’s as if a sophisticated distiller made a spirit from cherry blossoms and gunpowder residue.

On the mouth, there’s mushroom flavored caramel popcorn that’s much better than you would have suspected when your cousins left you only that wedge of the popcorn tin. But then that second wave comes, and it’s old Sweet Tarts™ crushed under the cloven hooves of Beelzebub just to torture the few bad children that actually made it to him. There’s also caramel butter milked from La Vache Qui Rit and painted by Salvador Dali.

The finish has a hint of soap, but it’s a fine woman’s soap abandoned in an old general store. But otherwise, the finish continues the fun, wild ride that is the mouth. This whisky is like a really good video game or sex in the closet at the VFW after winning the meat raffle.


On the scale of wild rides–
The Black Adder Red Snake Raw Cask 60.2% is National Lampoon’s European Vacation–It’s the sequel, but it has the wildness necessary to up the ante from the original. 




–Our thanks to Raj Sabharwal and PVI Global for the sample!

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