The Dimensions Longmorn 21 Year 1992 (Duncan Taylor)

30 ml in medias res mini

dimensions-longmorn-21-year-1992Tasting notes:
…note a bit like an after burp, like having eaten a whole can of artichokes and having them repeat on you during your first Pre-Cana class. The withering stare from your bride to be means this does not augur well for the long term.

But maybe she’s wrong, as the nose opens with fine leather that will never be used for a vest. But it was used for Babar’s saddle, before he revealed he was King of the Elephants and bi-curious. That was in the books, right?

On the mouth, there are notes of orange juice spilled on a mineralized prune display in a dubious roadside “museum” near Ogallala, Nebraska. And of a papaya having been left to moulder in a leather chair in a back room of said museum. Then rings out a clarion note! Like a raisin Dizzy Gillespie blowing his horn or a human Dizzy on a leather coronet. It’s redolent resonant. My new Raisin d’être. That note is followed by peppermint licorice that coats the tongue and stays around until the finish.

Speaking of which, the finish on this dram is a little weird, and the last…
On the scale of novels with circularity in their structure–
The Dimensions Longmorn 21 Year 1992 is Finnegan’s Wake–Some others from around that time are more famous and (The Hobbit, For Whom the Bell Tolls), but Joyce’s novel literally picks up in the middle of a sentence: the same sentence with which the novel ends.


–Our thanks to Shand Import for the sample!


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