The Tormore 1997-2014 Gordon & MacPhail “the wood makes the whisky”

50 ml Thriller mini

Tormore-1997-2014-Gordon-and-MacPhail-the-wood-makes-the-whiskyTasting notes:
This noses up with a honey pot stirred by a pixie stick on the floor of a German LP-pressing factory.  To be sure, there’s also horse sweat brushed off a filly and then used for detailing a steam engine, as well as a pomegranate-bead necklace with a broken clasp.  But the whole thing rounds out with sun-faded living room drapes and a grapefruit shellacked in 1978 and left under a settee.

The mouth runs as quickly as a mouse surprised by an overhead light switching on. This is really smooth and drinkable, with sweet, citric, and nectary notes.  But it’s also, as every millennial believes of him- or herself, funky and unique.  Consider a blind date whose moral compass operates as if in the Bermuda triangle, which is to say, as circumspectly as I can, that your date comes forward and retreats unpredictably.  More uniqueness abounds, like tea leaves gathered only from the lee sides of mountains, then steeped in an asparagus steamer pot.

The finish is the fake smoke from the set of Thriller video shoot, captured in a jar.  I open it in a room filled with potpourri and Pope exhalations—ex cathedra exhalations, if you must know.  The whole experience rests that the intersection of the mystical and the mundane, rather like seeing a unicorn burp.  As I set down my empty glass, I arrive at the feeling that comes when you’re wrapped in a warm shawl and your shivers abate.


–On the scale of shawl patterns–
The Tormore 1997-2014 Gordon & MacPhail “the wood makes the whisky” is the “Among the Moorlands Wrap” pattern–The bold juxtaposition of rows ten (K4, K1 tbl.) and eleven (yfwd, K2tog, K1, yfwd, K2. 6 sts.) is just the most obvious evidence of the overall warmth and unique styling on offer here.  Or as Bill says more succinctly, “it shawl good.”



Our thanks to Gordon & MacPhail for the sample! 

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