The BenRiach Authenticus 21

50 ml discontinued airline mini

BenRiach-Authenticus-21Tasting notes
Whether it’s the sherry or some other sort of wine cask, there enough grape on the nose to make jam.  But not just any jam, a slow jam.  And not just any slow jam, a slow jam of the news with the POTUS.  “Awwww, yeaaaaahhh!”  There’s a peach kimono, banana-peel bandages, and those delicious vegan blood sausages I had at that raw food place in Djibouti.

But then there’s the mouth!  “Give it to me, baby!”  Minted molasses, blue corn syrup, Vermont maple syrup so dark they ran out of letters by which to grade it.  All of this is prelude to the deep waves of sensimilla tar spread over a rice cake, eggs fried in pimentón, and shad roe chunks plucked from a turkey fryer with a pair of arc-welder mitts.

The finish is like a lazy afternoon one day after the deadline was met and all the papers were filed.  “That’s riiiiight!”  There’s long spice like the breakfast burrito eaten al fresco in a Taos, New Mexico art garden café.  I reach over to click off the 25 watt bulb because I’m having a 100 watt day.  “C’mon on, now darlin!”



On the scale of slow jams–

The BenRiach Authenticus 21 is “Sweet Sticky Thing” by the Ohio Players–“Little bugs and bumble bee / I’d like to take you home with me.”  That’s right, baby!



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