The Balvenie Tun 1509 Batch #2

750 ml aristocratic fineness bottle

Balvenie-Tun-1509-Batch-2Tasting notes:
This eleventh in the series of Tuns 1401 and 1509 that Balvenie has produced is a well heeled young woman who no longer heels well. She’s still light and fancy and flows through a room like coconut milk, but she wears bells on her ankles. She reeks of an aristocratic fineness and an unmistakable patrician elegance, but then she hides an overripe banana behind the davenport in the drawing room. Then she wrinkles her aquiline nose in delight before turning her attention to other prey.

She is so beautiful, coconut and vanilla dance across your tongue when she passes in front of you. She rinses a string of fresh water pearls in your mouth, only to follow that by spoon-feeding you a perfectly aged lemon curd. Dumbstruck and helpless to interrupt her whimsy, you realize how lucky you are that she lacks the masculine quality found in her Tun 1401 brethren. Then she pulls out an ivory comb with a tortoise shell handle. She thwacks it against her palm as she strides toward you.

On the finish, her Bourbon character comes through. But this is no run of the mill Bourbon: this is a full-blown a Bourbon Restoration, and she’s the new queen. Delicious, gorgeous, light caramels litter silver platters at her coronation, and she’s just decided to single-handedly usher in a new Age of Discovery–and wink mischievously at the courtiers as she does.



On the scale of lamps–
The Balvenie Tun 1509, Batch #2 is a dragonfly Tiffany lamp–Playful, whimsical, but beautifully structured and arranged so as to be utterly unmistakable. An elegant and classic illustration of the fact that multicolored leaded glass is badass.


–Our thanks to the Balvenie for the sample!


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