The Deanston 17 Year 1997 from The Exclusive Malts

60 ml most frustrating Silly Putty container ever

Deanston-17-Year-1997-from-The-Exclusive-MaltsTasting notes:
This dram noses surprisingly.  It’s a dessert tray with dozens of tiny kaffir lime custards, each in correspondingly tiny Silly Putty shells.  Then my eyes fall to the rum-streaked, white chocolate ganache-stuffed éclairs sitting on round, diamond-grip sandpaper sheets.

The mouth is pure dynamite.  Nothing in the Rapunzel-hair colored whisky prepared me for this. There’s the whoosh of fajita sizzle and the crack of Pop Rocks sass, but then it settles out into a luscious, gustatory Slip and Slide onto which my taste buds swoosh and swirl.

The finish is like flannel sheets on a bed stuffed with butter and horsefeathers.  You stretch out and submit to a sustained, unhurried, and ever so gentle back scratch.  Ahhh…  I’m pretty sure that this was aged for all 17 years in casks that held good intentions.  It’s funny, then, that all of my good intentions have run dry.



On the scale of facts about Silly Putty–
The Deanston 17 Year 1997 from The Exclusive Malts is not the fact that it contains a viscoelastic liquid silicone, nor the fact that it has thixotropic agents added to it, nor the fact that 20,000 Silly Putty eggs are sold daily, nor the fact that it was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2001.  It is, instead, the fact that a Scotsman, James Wright, invented it in 1943 while searching for synthetic rubber.   

–Our thanks to the Exclusive Malts and ImpEx for the sample!

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