The Three Ships Premium Select 5 Year Old

700 ml transhemispheric bottle

Three-Ships-Premium-Select-5-Year-OldTasting notes:
The nose on this whisky is a veritable whisky scatter plot. There’s a touch of caramel in a puddle of syrup. Then there’s a puff of smoke from the still-charring side of a marshmallow. Could this be because it is the first whisky I’ve tried that blends spirits from two hemispheres? I’m as eager to try this as a bad dog is to jump up on the couch.

The mouth finds me sitting in the back of a steamboat powered by bacon-wrapped bamboo culms cut down with piano wire. The smoke enshrouds me in a desire to drink this while barbecuing ribs on a moonless summer night. Notes of monk’s vestments (crimson) drying on a radiator round things out sacramentally.

The finish echoes like shoe taps in the Pentagon. I’d better look busy! Spicy, yes, but clearly in a bantamweight division. I could drink this not just after mowing the yard, but before and during.


On the scale of sites for transhemispheric connection–
The Three Ships Premium Select is a tumblr called transhemispheric–Talk about long distance relationships!  With any luck, these forlorn contributors will eventually join together into one as successfully as this whisky.  




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