The GlenDronach Cask #2

60 ml Druid robe flask

Glendronach-Cask-2Tasting notes:
Standing on the threshold of an afternoon spent in the spring-sweating basement workshop lathing sherry staves into rococo Louis XIL table legs, pondering the perfect music choice and *knowing* it had to be the solo stylings of Shërrÿ Fönke, former backup singer for the German tribute band Erde, Wind, and Feuer. She performs wearing yellow gauzy veils and sash-like carries a bandolier of Razzmic Berry crayons. The Youtube video for one of her songs has her veils blowing around like Marilyn Monroe’s steam-vent dress while she nails the affect of Robin Williams’ Aladdin genie as if the genie were rapping like Kanye West after he drank a bottle of the GlenDronach Cask #2 while getting fitted for a bespoke canary yellow 70s homage jumpsuit. (Stephen, John: You guys got that too, right?)

It goes rye as eagerly as a Presidential candidate shakes hands in a grassy, pussywillow-rimmed barnyard with all the local locavores sitting on a squeaky fence, hoping that someday they’ll be able to tell their grandchildren they shook hands with the president.

Concentrated sherry, as if it were mixed in with raw Gouda cheese, then aged for three years by poetry-spouting 17th century Nederlander Druids who worshiped tulips and drank imported Kombucha brine tea—thanks, Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie!

Putting down the lathed stave, and taking a break to eat Stradivarius pâté while watching Swedish LOL catz. Jag kan haz ost mat?



On the scale of poetic hypnotic sights–

The Glendronach Cask #2 is an avant-garde European ballet of five jellyfish choreographed by Twyla Tharp to Pink Floyd’s Echoes–Sure, it was hard to train them to pulsate, ripply-flap, and jet-squirt in unison—but the opening night accolades made all that labor soooooo worthwhile.




–Our thanks to Anchor Distilling, Co. for the sample!


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