The Glenkinchie 12

50 ml airline mini

Glenkinchie-12Tasting notes
The immediate impression is of a pastoral scene in America’s heartland, yet inspiring neither wistfulness nor reverie.  No, this is just the smells: a pile of last week’s grass-clippings as the dominant, middle note; then grace notes from two-cycle engine fuel; and finally, malty biscuityness laced with escaped aromas from Welch’s grape juice.

The mouth is sparkly and spicy. An espresso crema sitting atop a half cup of walnut oil.  Tiny sardines, kippered, sitting in a bath of sherry vinegar.  Spent ammunition rounds, vetch, and dandelion pesto.

The finish recalls the smells of the burl wood dashboard and leather seats of a poorly-serviced Jaguar driven insouciantly by a divorcee on her way to meet a high school flame.


On the scale of classic Jaguar sports cars–
The Glenkinchie 12 is the 1961 XKE Series I 3.8 OTS–Regal, nimble, timeless: it’s your getaway vehicle for good times and bad intentions. 





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