The Single Cask Nation Glen Moray 11 Year Old

750 ml hobbit magnum

Single-Cask-Nation-Glen-Moray-11-Year-OldTasting notes
Remember that part where the hobbits escape the elven king inside of wine casks?  Well, imagine the casks held a really good whisky.  That was my first thought on nosing this.  My second thought was that it’s a walnut wood cask, first filled with fruitcake.  Maybe, says my third thought, they sealed the cracks with a beeswax polish for shaven heads, to ensure buoyancy.

Quickly enough those notes of wood fall away and the nose mellows into a milder and gentler invitation.  Almond butter lacquering lemons.  Dragon wings spread out to dry in the sun in the manner of a cormorant.  A tagine greased with lard and cooking down okra into a heavenly gumbo.  But then more fruit: a bit of banana, a bit of pineapple, but something more exotic than both dominates.

The mouth is a spectacular journey on a mango ship filled with a trove of mango-pit scrimshaw.  In the cargo hold my mind turns to create an alphabetical list of my favorite desserts.  I stop at derby pie.  Oh, so rich and sweet and wonderful.

Finish is like diamonds: forever.  Champagne poured into a crystal glass with a cinnamon ridge.  Creamy butter bubbling on an iron pan.  Then a turn to slight bitterness, the kind that adds the whisper of sorrow to pleasure’s howl and yawp.  Flinty, mineralic.  Perhaps it’s the iron filings from a broken etch-a-sketch that had just had the Eiffel Tower perfectly rendered on it, seconds before it was handed to Koko the gorilla.


On the scale of favorite hobbit desserts
The Single Cask Nation Glen Moray 11 is Seed Cake with Saffron and Caraway–It’s no derby pie, but it’s certainly no mutton mince pie, either.





–Our thanks to Single Cask Nation for the sample!

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