The Benromach Organic 2008 Vintage

30 ml Cardinal's white sherry nip

Benromach-Organic-2008-VintageTasting notes:
Imagine a grand Italian villa used as the residence for a well-connected Cardinal, but with toy pistol fire still hanging in the air after a duel between rival six year-olds. (They end up friends and make a great team. Nosing this, we’d have to call them Gordon & McWin.) But the boys have now moved from the long hall in which they turned and fired at 15 paces and are chasing each other through flowing chiffon curtains made from the most lovely, light lemon chiffon there ever was. They stumble into a dark study where willow leaves and sappy sweet wood smolder in an ornate brass censer hanging from the high ceiling. A glass of white sherry sits on a table in the corner, and its guarded, elusive scent weaves in and out of the smoke.

McWin bolts for a closet door at the back of the study, and the boys stumble upon a cache of artisanal key lime cheesecake communion wafers. Their mouths water to have a taste. As the wafers hit the tongue, they hear a rustle, and the crystalline viscosity gives way to creaminess and then to a faintly industrial burn as they turn to see the etched bone buttons of the Cardinal’s vestment. Gordon will later remember them as having chamfered edges, but for now, he fears he is finished.

Finished he is not: this story finishes with a cashew bisque, malty to the point of being custardy, and served to the two boys by an affable nun in service to the Cardinal. The tension between them now evaporated, they glorp their soup and bask in its fullness and in the glory of having met with such a fortuitous ending.


On the scale of happy endings–
The Benromach Organic 2008 Vintage is…No, not that sort of happy ending! Get your mind out of the gutter!
No, the Benromach Organic 2008 Vintage is the Miracle on the Hudson—Surprising, but also the product of great training, it’s a water landing for the McWin.




–Our thanks to Chris Riesbeck and Benromach for the sample!


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