Boston Whisky Cruise — Discount code and last chance to get tickets!

Whisky Guild Events logo 2015We’ve documented well our love for the Whisky Guild’s Boston Whisky Cruise, which involves, among other things, drinking great whisky on a boat while someone else is driving. It’s an outstanding idea, and one the Whisky Guild executes beautifully. With a great lineup of whiskies, outstanding food, and scenery you just can’t beat, the Whisky Cruise has it all. If you are a whisky fan and you haven’t experienced it before, you really should do it once. It’s a winner.

The Boston Whisky Cruise will be on June 11, with the VIP hour starting at 6pm and the regular cruise starting at 7:30pm.

Get 15% off your tickets now, before they sell out (VIP tickets are almost gone). You can find all the relevant info, including pour lists, and link to the code here. If you’re in New York, this same link will give you information and a discount code for the New York Whisky Cruise.

Or, if you’re a ridiculously wealthy contrarian, you can buy tickets without the benefit of the discount code here.

John and Bill will be in attendance (Stephen is away meeting with our Groucho Marx glasses suppliers in the Middle East (don’t ask)). They’ll be the ones engaging in uncommon revelry and getting their pictures taken with whisky luminaries in fake noses and mustaches. Hope to see you there!


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