The G&W Private Stock Straight Kentucky Sour Mash Bourbon

750 ml happy hour has nothing on this bottle

G&W-Private-Stock-Kentucky-Straight-Sour-Mash-Bourbon-WhiskyTasting notes:
I’m a big fan of what you might call the lower shelf value bourbons.  You never know what you might find.  If it disappoints, the worst you’ve done is cost yourself the equivalent of two 20 ounce beers at your nearest Applebee’s. During happy hour. Yes, it’s that reasonably priced.

This one, I’m happy to say, is a winner.  Frankly, it punches above its weight and could hold its own against the more recognizable, entry-level bourbons.  The overwhelming impression I got was that a bartender’s concoction of a Fig Newton shooter couldn’t taste more like this.  Even if she was Lebanese and grew up on a fig farm. [Stephen: Fig orchard, maybe?] [Bill: Fig ranch? Fig phantasmagoria?] Whatever the case may be, it also evokes the bizarre wonder in a Lebanese immigrant at first experiencing Kentucky.  Then there’s malty biscuityness, then some crackling toasted fig seeds, and a sweet sugar sludge like at the bottom of your iced tea.  Delicious.



On the scale of homemade fruit fly traps–
The G&W Private Stock Straight Kentucky Sour Mash Bourbon is the “Tried and True Trap,” found in an 1850s Farmer’s Almanac and consisting of milk, sugar, and ground pepper–It’s more sophisticated than the “Merry Fly Trap” (just a finger or two of red wine left in an open bottle) and less cumbersome than the “Jar-Type Trap with Fruit” (that requires some overripe fruit and soapy water).  Yes, I’d say this bourbon is a surprising and most welcome overachiever.

–Our thanks to David Catania and Burke Distributing for the sample!


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  1. Tried this bourbon when it was o. Sale one day and so glad I did! It has become one of my favorites!

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