The Highland Park Odin

50 ml single nostril sniffer bottle

Highland-Park-OdinTasting notes:
The Highland Park Odin is a classic HP nose, a veritable, er, Norse god’s nose? But tweaked; not by a bar fight, not by a plastic surgeon: rather by a god applying Larmarckian inheritance evolutionary concepts to himself. That’s the nose! In homage to Odin, I’m sniffing this only out of one nostril; I gave up half of my olfactory receptors long ago in the quest for wisdom. John got the controlled assertiveness of lizard-leather clad lemons (it was hard to find them prêt-à-porter). The übermensch develops Lamarckian claws but never deploys them. Lacquered daisies tacked to a bikini bottom, baking in the sun in St. Tropez (while the derrière burns). There’s a merrily-spinning 1,000-sided dreidel with four non-traditional letters: O, D, I, N, and it always contrives to land so that thunder-clap-like, ODIN is spelled out. (You win again!)

Tarred, but not feathered, hot dog buns with a sherry demi-glace; at first, the soft palate inflames with Odin’s anger, then opens like a tulip, his postbellum compassion balming the wounds. (Yes, John, I just verbed “balm.”) It becomes seductive without being sultry, and without employing cheesy tropes or one-liners. “Hey baby, want to handle Gungnir, my Spear of Heaven?” Oh, you silly Valhallan! Just offer up the heavenly cinnamon red-hots from the banquet, keep exuding the inexorable vitality and vim, and any shield-maiden will go to the Bifröst with you.

On the scale of astonishing conclusions to Teutonic masterpieces
The Highland Park Odin is the final movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony–Freude! Joy! JOY! This is the rare dram that is perfectly suited to sipping in solitude, or glugging in a Longhall with your crew of warriors after a successful raid, or enjoying as a masterpiece accompaniment to masterclass taught by a maestro while listening to a Meisterwerk. Freude! Joy! JOY!


–Our thanks to Steph Ridgway and Highland Park for the sample!


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