The Westland Peated American Single Malt Whiskey

50 ml moonmilk mini

Westland-Peated-American-Single-Malt-WhiskeyTasting notes:
Lemon scented dish soap, from the vantage point of the children not helping to clean the kitchen.  Smoke from a cooled pipe that held a very mild tobacco.  “Wipe hands on pants,” reads the Parkinsonian scrawl on the broken bathroom hand drier.  I do just that and feel coolness on my thighs as the water seeps through my super 110 gabardine trousers.

Salty, flinty, bright and dry.  Which is to say, there’s a yummy, mineralic tang.  Later, more distinctive notes appear.  Cornmint oil chilled in a restaurant freezer.  Sunflowers sautéed face down in pan.  An all-red candy cane in the hands of a muskrat with vaudevillian aspirations.  A bouquetin horn used for making s’mores, then cave art after the tip is charred.  Coconut chess pie with heaps of Muscovado sugar caramelized by a road flare.



On the scale of art history terms relevant to the study of cave art–
The Westlands Peated American Single Malt Whiskey is finger fluting and moonmilk–The very idea of nonrepresentational but patterened movements of the hand across walls of coated in moonmilk (a limestone precipitate) awakens in me a wonder a deep as my thirst for another glass of Westlands.  



–Our thanks to Steve Hawley and Westland Distillery for the sample!



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