The Singleton of Glendullan 38 Year 2014 Limited Edition

50 ml of world peace mini

Singleton-of-Glendullan-38-Year-OldTasting notes:
This should be renamed the Singleton of Glenundulate because it’s like being caught in the waves and letting them take you. And then you dream: A surgeon scrubs up in a pristine teak surgical theatre constructed by a tech billionaire. She turns the solid gold tap and the finest liquid leather pours out. Once she’s finished washing, she eyes the patient. It’s the fourth wise man, the one who never made it, and now you know why: he ate all the caramels before the epiphany. Jesus missed out on the caramels! The one gift a young child would’ve appreciated! But he was meant to suffer, after all. Yes, you can smell all of that. And an entire childhood without the trauma or unhappiness. But just one. Then you wonder: is it Jesus’s?

Throughout, this dram is simply genius. It’s Linus Pauling, if he were the appropriately perfect name for the perfectly marijuana-infused double IPA we all know that some breweries on the U.S. west coast have been trying to make for years now. It’s cinnamon refined into a cinnamoan. Words fail me. Worlds fail me. As this dram creates its own universe before my eyes, I realize: it’s enthalpy in a glass.

This dram improved my week, my month, and my year–a year in which I got married and a year that is still in its first quarter. It almost makes me want to drink regular Singleton.

It’s an absolute stunner: it could be the first four-figure value whisky.



On the scale of geniuses–
The Singleton of Glendullan 38 Year 2014 Limited Edition is Linus Pauling–He was a peace activist on top of founding two different fields of study–one in chemistry and one in biology. He is the only person to win two unshared Nobel Prizes–and one was for Peace. He is, however, far from being the most popular and well-loved Linus.





–Our thanks to Diageo for the sample!




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