The Malt Impostor is Blogger of the Year? You can make it happen!

IWC-2015-AwardsLast month, we received the distinct honor of being nominated for a Drammie for Best Whisky Information Source. Alas, we lost to a real journalist, Mark Gillespie and his excellent WhiskyCast. Ever the bridesmaids, though, we’ve now been nominated by the board from the International Whisky Competition as one of the 25 best whisky bloggers. Now, we were surprised to hear that there were 25 whisky bloggers out there–and presumably more than that, thus the “best”–but it’s actually really nice to get the recognition.

In this current competition, the winner will be crowned Blogger of the Year during the 2015 International Whisky Competition and awarded a Medal. We’re negotiating to see if they’d provide us an actual crown as well, but so far, we haven’t gotten very far with that.

Here’s how you vote: simply email and submit the name of your preferred whisky blogger. In case you have memory issues, that’d be THE MALT IMPOSTOR.  The deadline for these emails from your various email accounts (all voting for THE MALT IMPOSTOR) is  April 20.

Need more incentive to vote? Well, here you go, you greedy bastards: Five lucky voters will receive a copy of the new 2016 International Whisky Guide, featuring the whiskies tasted during this year’s International Whisky Competition.

Once you all vote us into the finalist stage, we’ll have to submit what we think is our best post of 2014-2015 for review by the International Whisky Competition Tasting Panel. Then the judges will vote for what they think is the best article/post or podcast. The Winner will be announced on Saturday, April 25.

So help a little humor/humour site out, won’t you? We’d love to have your vote.

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