The George Dickel Barrel Select Sour Mash Tennessee Whisky

750 ml recurring dream bottle


Tasting notes:
We’ve noted some pumpernickel overtones in the Dickel lineup. But it is not present here. Or perhaps it’s safer to say that there’s a bolder nose that obscures it. Think of the way that a crisp IPA can be so hop-forward that the maltiness cowers in the background. I’m getting that with the brilliant spice on the nose, like spices heated up on a cast-iron pan. Cucumber pickle in a bird’s eye chili pepper brine. Whole lemons in a sangria spiked with cologne. Lemur-leather thimble sleeves sold as souvenirs, but only rarely to lemurs.

On the mouth it’s a mentholated cough syrup with a liquefied cayenne pepper floater. This wave of spice quickly gives way to a caramelly smoothness, like a cigar wrapped in sugar-dusted tobacco leaves. A fusion of celery and cilantro notes, if they had a forbidden love affair. Chewy and full, with the persistence of a treacly butterscotch bar.

The finish is a salted-caramel candy used as the base and chief ingredient of a magical chili. (Beans, beans! / the magical fruit! / The more you eat /) –No, no, no! Not magical in that way. It’s lots of umami riding as if on a magic carpet, just hovering off the ground. In this recurring dream I’m a goat on a hang glider sailing out over the ocean horizon in search of more Dickel Barrel Select to fill my glass.



On the scale of things that are even better than you think they’d be–
The George Dickel Barrel Select Sour Mash Tennessee Whisky is Goat Simulator–In other words, it’s a multi-platform joy unto itself interest in which has grown through social media and word of mouth.




–Our thanks to George Dickel Tennessee Whisky for the sample!



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