The Aberfeldy 12, rebranded

750 ml marmalade of my dreams bottle


Tasting notes:
There was nothing wrong with the pre-rebranded Aberfeldy 12 and a lot to like. Hats off to the savvy PR folks who must have said—with a Scots accent—something like, “I know. We’ll take one of our stalwart planks and make it look new by making it look old. It’ll continue to be tasty, light, and affordable: A value dram that sacrifices nothing and makes no excuses.” Mirabile dictu, it has come to pass in the form of beefsteak barley mushroom stew mistakenly poured over confectioner’s sugared lemon bars embiggened in a new old bottle.

Improbably, a Juggalo juggles peppercorns, a lacquered judge’s gavel, a sanded balsa wood airplane kit, and a green pepper frittata spiced with coriander and sage. It’s a stable and durable pattern, and he holds it for a near record time. It’s a self-actualizing dram, actually, an autarkic state of order holding fast against the chaos of time. I found it be the marmalade of my dreams slathered generously across my morning raisin scone. This, says Stephen’s pre-Kickstarter Malt Impostor Magic 8-Ball, v.1™, is what a ham sandwich should be.


On the scale of surprising accomplishments–
The Aberfeldy 12 is a ship in a bottle–How did it get there? Who put it there? Why is it so cool? I don’t know answers to any of these questions, but I’m very glad of it. Ahoy, matey!





–Our thanks to Louis Lugo, Bacardi USA, and Aberfeldy and for the sample!



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