The Tullamore D.E.W. Phoenix

50 ml from the ashes anonymous mini


We were assured this unmarked sample was the Tullamore D.E.W. Phoenix

Tasting notes:
Lemon gushers candy forming the “ball” of a ball-and-claw leg on an oak table. Freshly baked blondies pulled from a kerosene-powered Easy Bake oven at the base camp.  Surfactant, by which I mean both the smell and feeling I get in saying the word, “surfactant.”  After a moment of this excitement, the nose settles down a bit.  It’s just like when a perfectly arresting sunset causes you to stop and, after a bit, you can observe more coolly the fiery sphere and the audacious play of colors on the clouds as these fade into cerulean horizon.  So too here, as there forms over the citrus and wood a steadying caramel overlay.

The tangy mouth prompts me to say the word, “surfactant,” twice more and then move to words like “infarction” and “ebullient.”  Almond cake, dusted with pestle-crushed peppermint crumbles.  An elven belt made from fruit leather, with tiny copper buckle and three (!) toffee scabbards.  “Whoa, elf, just where do you think you’re going armed like that?”

There’s more almond on the finish.  An almond nougat used as ceremonial war paint, smeared under the eyes to produce fearsomeness, but in fact it yields winsomeness.  A room full of maple rocking chairs and one very, very jangled cat.  Mr. Zogg’s Original Sex Wax misused by an inexperienced teenager who lives far from the coast but has just resolved to make a habit of reading product labels.  Lacquered cloves used as spikes to trip up would-be spies, if those spies were pine tar splotched pink peppercorns. 

On the scale of surf shops in North Carolina–
The Tullamore D.E.W. Phoenix is Bert’s Surf Shop–An institution for more than 30 years, this is the place to get your gear and hit the waves.  The fact that their website looks ten years out of date is a sure sign that they are spending more time on their boards than on the web.




–Our thanks to Gemma Cole and Tullamore D.E.W. for the sample!


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