The Teeling Small Batch Irish Whiskey

60 ml high school reunion mini

Teeling-Small-Batch-Irish-WhiskeyTasting notes
The nose is a milkshake of sweet lassi with an infusion of attar of roses. This creamy yoghurty background is lightly sprinkled with #2 pencil lead dust. I use the pencil to free associate for a rhyming couplet poem in honor of this charming Irish whiskey: Reeling. Healing. Darjeeling. Stealing.

The mouth is more satisfying than an uproarious pun told at your father in law’s table. Warm, inviting, with a perfect texture. Orange cream soda left in a glass all weekend on a Corian countertop. Very good orange Belgian chocolate, so milky it’s almost not even chocolate. Candy cane held as a truncheon by Marco Polo who was tricked into taking the cinnamon challenge. My eyes are closed and I’m waist deep in motel swimming pool. “Marco!” But no one responds.

Wow, this has a smooth finish. Is it the triple distillation? Who cares? It’s fuller than almost any Irish whiskey I’ve tried. Low round notes from a battlefield euphonium. This is a whiskey that rewards patience. A brass ring reached for and grasped. The 360th and final mortgage payment. Sex at one’s 50th high school reunion.



On the scale of orange sodas–
The Teeling Whiskey Small Batch Irish Whiskey is Appelsin–It might look like Irn Bru from a distance, but this Icelandic orange soda has more restrained charms. Mixed with Egils Malt, it is a traditional Christmas drink. I think I’ll make a Christmas tradition of the Teeling.




–Our thanks to Teeling Irish Whiskey for the sample!


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