The Campbeltown Loch Blended Scotch Whisky

Campbeltown-Loch-Blended-Scotch-WhiskyTasting notes:
I’ve seen new make darker than this.  To which I say, thank you, Campbeltown Loch, for not adding fake coloring.  You just decided you look good just like you are, and I agree.  The nose is a maritime spray of salty, minerally water onto a fresh salad.  Fig slices and rosemary-flecked croutons.  A stoneware plate and madras napkin.

Light thin mouth but surprisingly full taste.  I’d like to try a 46% ABV version of this, but even at its current weight it punches hard.  More savory than sweet.  And a good bit of peat smoke to tie it all together.

The finish warms me like a south-facing window radiator warms a cat.  Pie crust made from crushed almonds.  Walking home from a party wearing someone else’s coat, but only realizing this when you find keys in the pocket.  You think to return it.  But it is oh, so warm and fits just right.



–On the scale of things that celebrate the way they look naturally–
The Campbeltown Loch is Dove Soap’s “Real Beauty” campaign–And like the soap, the whisky is a great value. Andy Stewart’s dream of a loch filled with free whisky is one step closer to being realized.




–Our thanks to Brad Jarvis and Charlie Tower for the sample!

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