The Big Peat Blended Islay Malt Christmas Edition 2014

50 ml liquid peat concentrate mini

Big-Peat-Blended-Islay-Malt-2014-Christmas-EditionTasting notes
Wow, this has a clear clean peat on the nose.  I could fill my Neti Pot with this!  But it’s the kind of peat that is wedged between two enormous granite slabs in the earth’s crust, creating massive amounts of pressure.  The peat nearly turned into a diamond but came out as a star opal: deep and dark like a Nietzschean abyss but the kind that truculently refuses to stare back into you.  I think that what we have here is a peat distillate so distinctive that UN weapon’s inspectors would stop to ask many questions of it.

For the mouth I have only this to say: “Oh, wow!”  It is strong and peat-tastic!  Simple and strong.  It’s the Lennie of peated whiskies: “Tell me about the whisky, George.”  Well, Lennie, it’s both sweet and salty on the mouth.  A salt-crusted cranberry and eel pie served with the dessert course on an asphalt shingle platter.

The finish is chewy and almost sweet.  This surprises me.  One expects the taste to approximate the eructation of a Balrog, but instead it has the softness of honey, feather pillows, and pixie eyelashes.  I would like to curl up with this dram on a cold night.  But I’d also find this refreshing in a Finnish sauna.  For that matter, wouldn’t this be welcome during an IRS audit, or while 47th in line to renew my driver’s license?

Big-Peat-Christmas-2014-stock Rating:
On the scale of interesting facts about opals–
The Big Peat Blended Islay Malt Christmas Edition 2014 is the etymological root of the word is “precious stone” in Sanskrit–Wait.  That’s not interesting at all.  You know what’s interesting?  Opals are comprised of about 5-6% water.  And that’s probably about as much water you should add to your glass of Big Peat.  Slainte!



–Our thanks to Brad Jarvis and Charlie Tower for the sample!

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  1. William C Meyers // December 26, 2014 at 5:32 am // Reply

    How does it compare to last year’s Big Peat Christmas Edition?

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