The Hibiki 17

20 ml model of Japanese miniaturization mini

Hibiki-17Tasting notes:

     The first impression of the nose is that it smells like it came from a really small sample bottle.

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One could call it Lilliputian.   Or made from Scottish glass blowers after their union got them a piecemeal contract.

     The nose is very flowery.  Fields of daisies.  Understated narcissus mated to velvet.  There is the flavor equivalent of opacity.  Cherry blossom in an orchard where people were waving burning cedar skewers in some ritual to scare away bad spirits.  Tiny fruits ripening on long-limbed trees.  Gorgeous wine notes.

     The mouth is lovely and creamy.  Kaleidoscopic fire particles are tumbling out onto an ice skating rink.  Then we hear the opening notes of a Takemitsu score.  Wafts of steam rise as the sparks cool; they darken to brownish-black buttons and sink into little ice pockets.  The body is perfect.  An endless spiral from an ice dancer who stuck his blade into the little ice pocket and turns and turns and turns to the ascending delight of the audience.  Now, in a moment of great improbability, dolphins breach the surface of the ice and leap over the dancer.  They seem to grin at our astonishment.  The crowd’s amazement can be detected in gasps, that give way to screams, and then finally to thrilled delight and clapping.

Hibiki-17-actual-bottle     Apple perfume on the finish.  It’s the kind you could use to attract bees on a crisp October afternoon.  Clotted cream and green tea Dippin’ Dots specially made for the Harry Winston off Michigan Avenue in Chicago.  Tea cups with perfectly steeped Ceylon tea held by magical caterpillars.  Wooden clocks with daffodil pendulums.



–On the scale of fictional caterpillars–
The Hibiki 17 is Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Curious, multicolored, beautiful, and very hungry, this creature transforms into an even more beautiful butterfly.


–Our thanks to Exposure and Suntory for the sample!

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