The Kilchoman 5 PX Finish 2009/2014 Abbey Whisky Exclusive

30 ml funkalicious mini

Tasting notes:
On the nose, an acorn cake that sat a little too long on the fire. But then again, squirrels have short attention spans. There are also notes of turkey casserole made with giblets and bread pudding, followed by hints of smoked gouda–so smoked it burns off the plastic wrap. Actually, John tried to smoke it in a pipe. [John: They told me to! Hey, when does the snipe hunt begin?]

     The mouth is like smoke-flavored cough syrup. Go back to the mouth afterwards, and the nose is like praline tree bark. Chew on it a bit longer, and it chews a bit like a shave of a truffle or maybe a morel, but just one. There are no loose morels here. But it is a five year old funk fest. Malt Funkulus, we tip our hats to you.
     As we contemplate the finish, which presents with some nice earthiness and spice to start, we nose it again, and detect an eagerness, like a wet beagle standing on your lap helping you drive. Bill says he feels like he could use a nasal douche. John and I look at each other quizzically, and he explains, “That’s shower in French, you know.” The rest of the finish gives some high, clean vegetal notes followed by a sensation that is hard to identify clearly as spice or heat. We would’ve spent more time parsing it out, but we figured that would have detracted from our enjoyment.


–On the scale of practical jokes–
The Kilchoman 5 from Abbey Whisky is the firecracker hot foot–A variation on the classic, it gets the smoke right up next to the funk (foot in this case) in a very satisfying way. Oh, and it’s hilarious.



–Our thanks to Abbey Whisky for the sample!


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