The Fall 2014 Whisky Extravaganza Schedule

It’s whisky festival season once again, people, and we’re very pleased to bring you news of the first one of the season (that we’re attending): The Scotch Malt Whisky Society of America’s Whisky Extravaganza. Actually, the SMWSA has done a little rebranding this year, hiring a slick design team to give their materials a sweet new look, and reaching out to tired hacks like us esteemed bloggers and top influencers to help spread the word on the heavenly goodness that their festivities represent. If you’ve read these pages in the past, you probably know how enamored we are with the Extravaganza as an event, and you probably know that the Boston Extravaganza was our very first whisky event ever. And it was epic, even though people don’t really say that any more, or so Bill’s kids tell us. And if you haven’t read these pages in the past, congratulations on starting with this post, because you’ve chanced upon some very good stuff, my friend. Just keep reading.

To steal liberally and loosely from the press materials provided to us:
Ladies and Gentlemen and most sorts of Commoners are cordially invited to enjoy a connoisseur’s evening featuring rare and exceptional single malt, Scotch and unique whiskies from around the world. The evening includes unlimited tastings, epicurean food as well as Epicureans (Bill will be in attendance), a selection of premium imported cigars for our guests’ later enjoyment (no smoking in the venue, please), souvenir snifter glass and much more. So much more, in fact, you don’t even want to ask, as the added information will burden the overly moralistic and ascetic parts of your conscience unduly, leading to the sort of Calvinist fretting we get from John from time to time (in fact, as far as John knows, we’re all going to church bingo that evening). The Whisky Extravaganza brings the discerning enthusiast as well as the ambitious Impostor the opportunity to sample the participating whiskies in a sophisticated and elegant environment with genuine camaraderie and knowledgeable representatives from each participating distillery.

All events from 7:00pm-9:30pm. Registration begins at 7:00pm.

We are very pleased once again to be able to offer our readers a 10% discount on tickets to the Extravaganza. Just use the promotional code “MALTIMPOSTOR” during checkout.  Please don’t actually type the quotation marks, but do enjoy above the linguistic convention that sets apart words as words within whole sentences by putting them in quotation marks.
You can get more information on their super cool new website: 
And you can buy tickets by going directly to this site
or by calling the SMWSA at 800.990.1991.

Again, put “MALTIMPOSTOR” in the promotional code box to receive the 10% discount.


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