The Wemyss “A Day at the Coast” 14 Year Old Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky

50 ml Bourbon bon-bon starter kit mini

Tasting notes:
A red leather belt loosened by one notch upon the arrival at the restaurant.  Key lime pie creamsicles.  Sawdust from a Shaker cedar chest used as imitation Parmesan cheese in a high school play.  Persimmon chutney.  In short, it’s what Scotch smells like to a curious 15 year old making his first exploration of a liquor cabinet. 

     The mouth features little sweet Bourbon bon-bons, should such a thing exist.  There are also notes that are somehow rural, but in the bucolic way.  Lilacs on the side of a serving dish filled with roast pheasant, beef tournedos, and pork loin.  This meaty mouth is savory.  But I’m overwhelmed by the delightful, vanilla sweetness of those imaginary Bourbon bon-bons.  It’s almost coconutty now.  Surely this is flavor of the finest suntan lotion in the world, the kind you’d discover left behind in a Monaco beach club chair.
     The finish adds earache syrup poured over pancakes and served on Father’s Day to a very good dad who ate it all with relish.  Rosemary skewers of mahi mahi cooked “à la auto” (that is, by a car tailpipe).  Honey collected from bees pollinating chili flowers.  Like the best beach day, it makes you wish it would last all day.



–On the scale of items to pack for a day at the coast–
The Wemyss “A Day at the Coast” 14 Year Old Highland Single Malt is the Barbados Dog Bikini–Okay, I know what you’re thinking.  That link is going to take me to a really NSFW entry in the Urban Dictionary.  But I’m here to tell you the link takes you to the product page of a dog bikini.  It’s perfect.  I can’t imagine a beach day without it.

–Our thanks to Karen Stewart and Wemyss for the sample!


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