The Highland Park Freya

100 ml shield maiden potion bottle

Highland-Park-FreyaTasting notes:
We’re big fans of HP and have really enjoyed these special releases.  And this offering makes quite an impression.  The nose is exceptionally light.  A ragout of wren marrow.  Pin feathers and meringue cookies dropped from the Tower of Pisa in a test of gravity.  A marshmallow crowded into a canvas bag with die packs and banded stacks of cash after a bank robbery. 

     If I were nosing this blind, I’d say it was Highland Parky.  Mermaid-bacon smoke [Bill: Wouldn’t that make it Highland Porky?], Sherry Butt staves, but above all, floral.  Grapefruit tree flower in full bloom, from which high-end mixed drinks with housemade bitters can be made.  Make it a wet-hopped bespoke cocktail, with the bartender squeezing the last drips from a sachet she found at the back of Oscar Wilde’s silk ruffle drawer. 
     The mouth is delicious.  Beautiful Fig Newtons made with kirsch-soaked dried plums and angel-sifted pastry flour.  An ethnic minority of plaintains militating for revolution in a banana republic.  A fireworks show viewed by a drone and then replayed backwards.
     The finish is the sensation of sucking spring water through a straw made of gardenia petals.  Sugar cookies in the shape of gingerbread men: lemon drop eyes, cream cheese mutton chops, and a rakish ascot from mascarpone cheese.  On the open it’s candy candy candy candy.  Fruit salad.  Slight bitterness, like dandelion leaves in a large salad with shaved arugula.  If the goal was to create a brilliant whisky that says, “I am a fantastic Highland Park,” then you have done well.  I shall be applying forthwith to be Freya’s shield maiden.



–On the scale of super old national parliaments–
The Highland Park Freya is the Althing of Iceland–Founded in 930 AD, you could argue a case in the Lögberg rationally…or you could bring a bunch of bad-ass Norsemen with big-ass swords and spears and win that way. I’d bring a case of the Highland Park Freya: Case opened, case closed! 


–Our thanks to Steph Ridgway and Highland Park for the sample!


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